Monday, December 7, 2009

Mystery Quilt - Clue 3 and 4

Carolina Christmas!
~ A Quiltville Mystery ~
~ from Bonnie Hunter ~

I'm never sure how to start these posts -so, lets jut dive in..

As I have said in past posts, I am working on Bonnie Hunters, latest Mystery Quilt. You can see the clues on her blog at

Clue 3 is all but finished and I am almost done cutting clue 4. As one of the chatters says: just keep cutting, just keep cutting, just keep cutting....

So during this cutting (over 700 pieces of background - squares and triangles for both steps) I realized I would need more background scraps. A friend of my had just given me scraps from her late mothers sewing room, so I started there.

I really need to attack these boxes, but I want to create a small quilt for Carol; I know she would appreciate it. I just have to decide what pattern to work with. And do I need to add something to them to tie things together??? so many decision....

Did I mention I would never have done this without the mystery thing... 700+ pieces of background for 2 steps!!! (what am I nuts!!!)

Found Some!! These scraps are now in the quilt - now back to cutting those clue 4 hst (half square tringles). Half in blue the other half background fabric. See the pretty blue below maybe I will sew this afternoon. But now just keep cutting....

And before I post this - I had to show you my help! Sunday morning I sat down to cut off the bonus squares from my step 3 chain. Morgan had other ideas. When I ignored her, she made her point. (look IN the basket) Now throw this ball!!!

How do you like the pj pants? Oh, and the black socks are special too. I think if I may have to retire those if I continue to take pics for sharing with other... lol

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