Monday, July 12, 2010

MN County Fair

Jacki told her friend that our family looks a fairs differently than most people....

Boy is she right!

I walk into the the rabbit/poultry barn -- and the first thing I notice is that this is were they have the milk house! And look at the fun they have at the end of the week!

Our fair in IL has about 2 to 3 times the livestock exhibits, but look at these barns. OK, there's only 2 barns, but they are Impressive!!!!

An I really love the carnivals, sense of humor. This one reads
  • "If you can read this grandpa left!" another read
  • "This seat requires 0 tickets"

And there is alway fair food, they had the staples covered like corn dogs, funnel cakes and lemon shake ups.

But there was new to us fair food....
Fried Cheese Curds and WALLEY SUBS! Yum!!!!

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