Saturday, May 14, 2011

Its been quite around here

IMG_5444This week, I have been home with the animals and the rest of the family has been vacationing here:

They are all in Florida visiting Tony. It is the first time he has had company since moving there to go to school. By the way he has received the top student award for his group for 2 sessions of the 6 he has finished. Not bad for a kid who has always had difficulty reading. His sister has been on the Dean’s List for 5 years getting degrees in Chemistry and Education. I am sooooo very proud of both of them!

They have visited Tony’s apartment, but they have been staying at the resort and enjoying Hilton amenities.

IMG_5477 DSCN0303

I’m ready for them to be home, its just too quite here.  Did I really say that!!!!

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