Saturday, November 28, 2009

catching up / Thanksgiving '09

So how do bloggers do this? There's Jobs, Family, Housework, you know LIFE! And they usually have a Hobby or Projecta and take PICS for the blog tooooo! Well, I am going to attact this as a diary, and try my best. We'll see.

So the last time I wrote, I was getting ready for my daughter and so-in-law to come down from school, finsh some window quilts for her, get a Thanksgiving meal together and wanted to start a "quilt mystry" from Bonnie Hunters site

So lets try to get to Thanksgiving (its 4:30am on Saturday, but one day at a time.

Worked at my computer job this week thru Wednesday, and I did get the last 2 panels done - see below. I have the first on pretty much quilted, but havent started the second one.

Husband worked crazy this week - had Dr appt in Chgo Monday then worked till 4am Tuesday am. Tony left MO for home early Tues morning. Called me at 6:30 and I know he had been on the road for at least an hour. I finished all items on my work "goals list" except a report on going green with the 1100+ computers there. (Well thats started, and I may be able to finish it by Monday afternoon if nothing breaks.) Jacki & Tim came down from MN Tuesday evening (husband at work again...) We did some catching up and went to bed!

Wednesday, John does not have to work, so the kids and him put down the new carpet in the family room! YAH, no more triping on carpet rolls when I go thru the livingroom. They did a really good job. We had pizza I brought home as I finished getting things together for TDay and the rest of the family put the family room back together.

Jacki & Tim were up till 3am - and I was back up at 5am. It snowed! everything looked so pretty, but it was gone by 9 - a mess by 10 with 5 dogs in the house, but I saved the carpet by the dog door with a runner and a large bath towel.

I made pie, put together stuffing and started the bird! Then John and I watched the parade in NY while I worked on these window quilts again. (oh, forgot to tell you I had to bind and add a hanging sleeve on one that ended up in MN not done! Dont ask.....)

The kids went to Tim's family about 11 and we settled down for a lazy Thanksgiving. John got the paper and some coffee cake then when the bird was done about 2 Tony and us at a mini meal with potatos gravy, olives, crandberry and the bird & stuffing. I had things cleaned up by 4 with J&T came in and made plates, something about bbq and a trip to see a house renovation.....

We all went and visited my mom about 10 miles away for pie (mine will wait...) then came home and we decided how we were going to shop in the morning..... Bonnie's mystrey quilt will be a mystery a little while longer. I havent decided on colors for the quilt yet anyway! Christmas, my goto brown and green, patriotic red, white and blue, or something different blue and brown???

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