Sunday, November 29, 2009

End of the Weekend

Looking over Saturday Morning Post - boy I had high hopes!!
I did get some things done. As you can see the tree is up with help from daughter & son-in-law. And while my son is not into decorating - he did do chores and start supper (OK, he got the menu and made a list for me to call take out. But.... I got to sew instead of cook and that is ALWAYS good thing.)
I think we will have Browns' Turkey Pot Pie for supper tomorrow. That should use up the leftovers, then we will get back to real meals on Tuesday.

And the first 3 sets of window quilts are done and in MN. (Only 2 panels to go! yahhh!!!)
Now hopefully Bonnie Hunter will slow done on the mystery quilt clues - don't tell the other quilters that are playing along. I would love the next clue too but the the complusive nature in me will NOT let this sit, and nothing else gets done ....

Oh, and Bonnie has troduced me to the idea of quilting with shirts - recycled shirts I now know where all the thrift stores are in Woodstock and Crystal Lake. And this mystery I am working on needed a few more neutrals - so I bought 3 and some pink - and under Morgan is a pretty blue too.

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