Saturday, November 28, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas!

It is now 5:30 and I will be caught up by 6:30 - at least with this blogging thing.... this is were I am sitting - think I need to clean up around the fire - will add wood when this post is done!

Yesterday I just wanted to sew and have fun. But this was Tim's first Black Friday that he did not have to work so he really wanted to shop, and I think my husband and daughter did to. So the plan was Jacki and I would shop together and the guys would go there way.

And with John goofy sleep schedule, its nothing for him to set the alarm for 3:30 AM! and get going. Which is what they did, they got up, took showers, had a snack and left by a little after 4. Just enough ruckus to wake up all but my son. Weather he sleeps thru this or just refuses to get up and join in is anyones guess.

I can't throw these away until we have shopped online, but they have to move - my Tree goes on this old trunk.

Shopping was pretty successful - Jacki and I will organize and determine what is left later this evening. Her and I were back by 8, we only went to Wal-Mart. Joanns andMcDonalds for breakfast. (yah! I had something to do with the agenda, but we both had other things to do - and this year the guys shopped - it was GREAT!)

Back home, Jacki took a nap while I did some cleaning, laundry (bought FQ's that needed washing don't you know) and got down to picking fabric for a mystery! Can some one tell me why I want to start this now! It's less than 30 day before christmas and I like things organized. My counter is a mess and will be for as long as I'm piecing this quilt. Then the mess moves to the family room when I start quilting......

Things did work out - the guys got ALOT of the gifts purchased and Jacki got down to that research presentation that is due MONDAY! I picked colors and started cutting by the time she was up from her nap. Then she worked on the presentation while I sewed. I would have loved christmas music - any music, but without it she was able to get the thing done in 6 hours.

Today we will be putting up the tree, wraping and inventoring the gifts, then shopping online. WITH Christmas music on! Bet my huband and son-in-law are in the basement as soon as the totes are in the family room! I want most of this done before I go to be tonight. (Thats my goal anyway - will let you know if it works out!)

Oh and in some spare time - I want to remake some of my half triangles that are wonky. And put on the hanging sleeve to panel #6 so that 3 of the 4 windows can be dressed Monday. I will post a pic when I get it.

I need to get to picking up - and the dogs are hungry too. Look at the mess!

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