Sunday, November 22, 2009

window quilts again

OK, so here they are again. My daughter moved from northern IL to south east MN next to the Mississippi River. And while it is cold here in IL, she informs me it is Cold AND Snowy in MN. Well, they made it through the first winter in their 100+ year old house, but the added "porch" is REALLY Cold!!!

Who puts up a non-insulated porch in MN!

Anyway I made the mistake of telling her I had saw an artical about "window quilts" in a mag. THEN, I OFFERED to make them - for 4 window. So, I did not even come close to finishing these last year, and this last spring and summer was spent helping her plan a wedding. (I'm not sure what kept me busy - she did do most of it)

I would have 3 window complete if my new son-in-law had not taken ONE home the last time they were here. The good news is that it only needs binding and a hanging pocket. I will be doing that Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The 3 windows WILL be done when they go home after the holiday. and now I have hope that maybe I can get the 4th window done... see.....

The last window quilts are ready to quilt. (can someone tell me why I am HAND quilting window quilts that will no doubt be sold with the house in a year and a half!)

As my husband says "You do it to yourself" He is right, oh bother....

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