Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quilting Pen & Choosing Fabric

On to something fun! I went to Joann's the weekend before Tday with my mom to get some ideas for a Christmas and supplies. I will be starting this mystery, who was I kidding. So first shopping. I had to practice some restraint at Joanns! I really wanted to buy out the quilting notions section! I did get a pen thou! $7 and I know it will be 1/2 off next week. But I need to get these quilts out of my house! And Jacki says she need them for her back porch.

Here is the pen. It is a white marking pen by Clover and it works really good - NO MORE Chalk pencils that break for me! I am going to stock up on these when they go on sale. I use 1/2 of it to mark the quilting on 2 panels - but oh so easy and I can see them!! Happy dance, in my head - I'm not getting up are you crazy, I'm finally getting these post done.

Then I did a little more dreaming - still dont know what I'm going to do about Mystery Quilt colors - how do you pick when you dont know the outcome?? I know, thats the MYSTERY. Here is my small collection of cut shirts that I will be starting with. The greens and blues were calling. And look at the reds, I have never been a red person? How did this happen?

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