Saturday, November 6, 2010

Its My Birthday & JoAnn's is Celebrating!

20% off ALL in-store purchases - regular AND sale price items too!!! Use it as many times as you like this weekend and share it with your friends!

Heres the link: Coupon Print it off! And for you quilters - check out there Veterans Day sale that starts Sunday the 7th! Here (special Veterans Day sale pages are at the end of the flyer)

Well, maybe its not because of me, but Sunday muslin goes on sale 30% off and what better gift could I ask for?

WAIT! I have $30 left on a "thank you" gift card some ladies from work gave me last year.
Woo Hoo!!

My list of goals this weekend was to finish up the swaps I have commited to and get them ready to go out in the mail on Monday. I think a shopping trip has just been added to this list. Lets see how much I get done today ???

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