Saturday, February 27, 2010

2010 Completed UFO #1

Caleb's Quilt -

Our family has known his dad Tom since he was 10 years old. My kids grew up with Tommy showing animals at the county fair. Now he and John are both Fair Board Directors.

And I pretty sure Tom would be happy if I would stop calling him Tommy. But some habits die hard!

I'm not crazy about this "design". As a matter of fact I really don't like the look at all, but my daughter bought me the fire truck fabric at my request. So I decided to use it.

Tom was a Jr Firefighter as soon as they let him at the local fire station. Now he is a full time Firefighter in a larger neighboring community while still volunteering at his local station.

So, the fabric was not an option.

I have decided that my baby quilts will all be give with a book. I'm sure this will spread to all children's quilts. Really is there anything better than curling up with a book under a nice quilt?

I have help again. Really she just wants me to throw the ball. It's ALL about the ball!

An extra 2.5 inch strip and it's ready for delivery. Done!

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